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Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our products.
Armytek Predator looks like very complicated flashlight with impressive possibilities. Is it hard to operate this flashlight?
This flashlight has easy manipulation of modes as an ordinary flashlight. If you don't want to change default settings - you can use ArmyTek Predator immediately, because it is already preset at the factory. Additionally there is a possibility to define full settings to fit your needs: many parameters can be changed - the brightness, the number of modes, the strobe frequency, the battery type, the type of brightness stabilization, the type of automemorization etc.
Analogy: would you like to adjust some things like a seat position, a steering wheel angle and an air-conditioner mode to your individual requirements in your complicated car before actual driving?
What is meant by the FULL stabilization of the LED current from one 18650 Li-Ion battery and why that is important? In other flashlights it's also written "digitally regulated output", "digital current control", "constant brightness", "microcontroller current control", "constant LED current" from one 18650 battery.
Armytek flashlight uses the buck-boost driver, which is the only that ensures the even stabilization graph at the maximum brightness at the entire range of battery voltage, unlike simple buck drivers in all other flashlights, where the brightness decreases with time.
Analogy: would you like to have a car with an engine that gives 500hp only during the first three minutes?
But in other flashlights with one 18650 battery the graph also looks rectangular, flat. Does it also mean the full stabilization?
No. This is not the full stabilization. In most such cases the LED current is not the maximum possible, but less. When the LED current is lower, it makes a vision that brightness is almost constant. That means that the credit for the flat stabilization and constant brightness at the start of runtime belongs not to the developers of the flashlight with the buck driver, but to the creators of Cree LED, for example.
Analogy: visually many cars have 4 wheels, but four-wheel drive (4x4, or 4WD, or Quattro) with full control of all wheels is for off-road, sport and military vehicles, powering all four wheels provides better control than normal cars on many surfaces.
If a higher LED current is in the same flashlight, for example 1.5A instead of 1A, then buck drivers will have a very small horizontal section, or maybe even none? But the manufacturers of such flashlights are writing about a digital regulated output, providing a constant brightness.
If a higher LED current is supplied, the fall in the brightness becomes noticeable, and could easily start in the first minutes of the flashlight's operation. This is connected to the increased fall in voltage at the LED at a high current flowing through it becomes equal to the battery's voltage substantially faster, which is forced to supply a significant current under the load. Unlike the buck drivers, the electronics in the Predator allows the maintenance of the LED current during the entire time at the maximum, for instance, at 1.5 amperes. Regarding the statements of other manufacturers and their conformity to the real situation, you will need to address the questions to the manufacturers themselves.
Analogy: would you like a car whose speed fell as the level of petrol in the tank is lower and lower?
Why is there an electronic protection from incorrect battery installation in the Predator, while others only have a mechanical one or none at all?
The easiest option is not to create an electronic protection, because it reduces the efficiency by 5-6%, or to make a mechanical one, but then it would be impossible to use the rechargeable batteries with a flat "+” contact. In the Predator, expensive electronic components are used, that create a minimal decreasing in efficiency, but then the reliability of the protection is significantly higher and allows any type of power source. Then you can safely (without driver damaging) install battery in a wrong position and use batteries with a flat "+” contact.
Analogy: would you like a car without air-conditioner which brings a little higher fuel consumption and much better comfort cooling when you are driving?
It is believed that the efficiency coefficient of a buck driver is higher than that of a buck-boost driver. How long does the Predator work? Especially with the electronic protection from incorrect battery installation.
The components and the electronic technology permits not only the full stabilization of the LED current at the entire range of battery voltage, but also a high efficiency of the driver, which is not lower than the efficiency of the buck driver, and even higher. It is sufficient to compare operating times at identical modes. You must not forget that high levels of efficiency coefficient of the lowering drivers exist at the stage where the light output is falling, essentially not stabilizing.
Analogy: modern well made four-wheel drive cars (4x4, or 4WD, or Quattro) with full control of all wheels have lower fuel consumption than some cars without this kind of technology, it depends on level of development and realization.
Why does the Predator permit the use of the 18650 Li-Ion rechargeable batteries without the protection board (PCB), and even LiFePO4? Can't they be used in other, similar flashlights?
Other flashlights normally use buck drivers, in which the discharge of the battery is not fully controlled, so their electronics essentially kills the batteries, discharging them below the permitted level, if they are not removed on time. In the Predator the process of control over the power and stabilization does not stop, it is continuous. So the flashlight will know when it can no longer discharge the power source in use and that it must be replaced, correspondingly signaling about it for battery safety. Battery voltage for 18650 LiFePO4 is lower than Li-Ion batteries and then ordinary flashlight with buck driver will have low light output or do not switch on at all.
Analogy: for your safety the modern cars use many electronic sensors for damage protection of an engine or a break system, this control is continuous. Would you like a car without this kind of sensors?
Why does the Predator work for only  1.5 hours while the other flashlights work for about 3-4 hours?
These flashlights work on completely different brightness modes with lower LED currents and without the full stabilization. If instead of the Military preset the Outdoor preset is chosen (in the Predator), the time of operation will also significantly increase, but this is due to the fact that the brightness of the flashlight will be falling gradually with semi-stabilization (SEMI), what happens in the flashlights with simple buck drivers. You have the right to choose with the Predator the time of operation, the number of modes, and their brightness. The flashlight completely sets up to fit your needs. Often the users make all settings only once (at the beginning) and after that use this flashlight with modes and settings which are better for their tasks.
Analogy: would you like to choose in your car a type of mode for automatic gearbox like "Sport", "Winter" or "City", that will bring different fuel consumption, safety and driving style?