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How to choose a Tactical Flashlight. Flashlights for Hunting and Military

In our modern world you can hardly imagine a field of activity where flashlights are not used. One of the greatest classes of flashlights is Tactical. But what do we know about tactical flashlights? Let’s make a brief review of them and define the main features that will help you to choose a tactical flashlight of the best quality.

What is a tactical flashlight? Peculiarities and required features.

A tactical light is a special flashlight mainly used with firearms for aim illumination. You can also apply it to temporary blind or disorientate the enemy and in other extreme situations. Tactical flashlights have a diversity of features, which contribute to their comfort and safety. The most remarkable are the following:

  • an extremely bright and powerful LED;
  • an incredible light output;
  • constant light brightness;
  • ultimate time of working;
  • reliable durability;
  • functionality in a wide scope of temperatures;
  • an ergonomic and robust body;
  • the highest waterproof and dustproof standard.
Armytek Predator with accessories

Based on the said it should be stated that the weapon lights are perfectly designed even for harsh conditions such as strong vibrations, different kinds of impacts, submersion and so on. Moreover, thanks to a convenient position on the gun a weapon light plays the role of aim pointer.

Fields of Use. Hunting, military and police flashlights.

Tactical weapon lights are helpful in many areas the most prevalent of which are hunting, military and law enforcement. Let’s settle on each area in more detail.

Hunting flashlights are a kind of friend for every hunter. They can lighten your direct aim, a large territory in the wood and blind the prey. The importance of flashlights for hunting is invaluable. Note that a flashlight is fixed under the barrel. It won’t create any problems during the hunting due to its compact size. LED hunting light is easily installed, doesn’t hide visible objects and doesn’t impede aiming.

Gun mounted flashlight

If you posses a Predator hunting light, you’ll enjoy its efficient advantages. It’s compatible with most weapon mounts and an original remote switch. You also have an opportunity to use the filters (red / green / blue / white) for your specific purposes. What is more important, hunting flashlights can stand up the heavy gage recoil as all inside elements are well protected.

Military flashlights are a specific category of lights for Special Forces, Army and other agencies. They are remarkable for advanced safety. Generally, army flashlights are mounted directly under the barrel. Also they can be used with other equipment mounted on the rail such as riflescope, laser target pointer and so on. They can easily identify the aim and light up a shooting sector. The other features of these flashlights useful for military purposes are impact-resistant steel bezels applied in close combat and for glass breaking and special light signals which include Strobe, SOS and Firefly.

Strobe means that a tactical flashlight is able to blink with high frequency. It’s a very valuable tactical innovation. It has several beneficial advantages:

- confuses the enemy – he can hardly undertake any actions;
- temporary blinds the enemy;
- provokes agitation and stupor;
- influences mental condition;
- frightens off animals.

It proves that a military flashlight with this function can be extremely useful and helpful in dangerous situations. And undoubtedly it gives an evident benefit over the rival.

SOS is a distress signal, which will help you to attract attention in a difficult moment. It can work up to 4 hours.

Firefly is a special micromode based on microcurrents. It’s intended for using in extreme situations and can work for nearly 120 days due to its low energy consumption.

Police flashlight is an exceptional tool for law enforcement. It can be employed as a gun mounted flashlight especially for a seizure parties and Special Forces or as a hand flashlight used with handguns. Moreover, it is an exclusive means of defense. Law enforcement flashlight has a compact and strong body, impact-resistant steel bezels and Strobe. Thus, one might say that this tactical flashlight combines the functions of the light and a police baton.

Why is Armytek Predator one of the Best Tactical Flashlights?

If you want to be a happy owner of a gun mounted light, which will satisfy all your demands, you should chooseArmytek Predator. The following characteristics make it the best tactical flashlight: 

  • it is constructed on the basis of the new-generation electronic driver S-Tek™, which enables Predator light to produce a constant and bright light even in severe weather conditions and with almost discharger battery;
  • it has a supreme light output of 670 LED lumen;
  • it is easily mounted on the gun due to its comfortable size and light weight, and can be equipped with all necessary accessories;
  • it has a unique ability to work when the main electric circuit is damaged producing the light during 120 days;
  • it stands up even 12-gauge shotgun recoil without loss in functionality;
  • all electronics is placed in an aluminum capsule, which protects it from gun output, submersion, mechanical damage and even a direct shot;
  • it is designed using the most effective and world’s first technologies.

Armytek Predator

Armytek Predator Choice. Two versions of Armytek Predator are both regarded with great favor - Predator Pro v2.5 XP-G2 and Predator v2.5 XP-G2. They are represented in two variants: with Cool White and Warm LEDs. You can study the chart with the main characteristics of these lights.