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Modes & Electronics


Active thermal management of LED and electronics
The S-Tek™ driver, due to a built-in sensor, constantly monitors the temperature of LED and the electronic circuit and prevents the LED overheating in extreme environments.
Firefly micromode with ultra long runtime
Armytek Pro models have a Firefly mode with output of 0.1 lumens, working for 130 days with ONE 18650 Li-Ion battery.
Ability to work when the main electric circuit is damaged
Armytek is the first company in the world that produces flashlights with doubled critical electric circuits. Even when the main circuit is damaged, the system is able to work on the reserve circuit, emitting light during 130 days, that enables the user to survive in an emergency situation.
Mode programming
Easy manipulation of modes and the possibility of full settings to fit your needs: many parameters can be changed - the brightness, the number of modes, the strobe frequency, the battery type, the type of brightness stabilization, the type of automemorization etc. However, if you don't want to change default settings - you can use ArmyTek professional flashlights as ordinary lights as they are already preset at the factory.
Ability to save the user's individual settings
You can save the defined individual settings in the Custom preset (the brightness, the number of modes, the strobe frequency, the battery type, the type of brightness stabilization, the type of automemorization etc.)
Ability to reset settings to factory default
You can easily reset all settings of the flashlight to Military or Outdoor presets or to the user's saved preset (Custom).
Changeable type of brightness stabilization
The current stabilization types are entirely changeable through the user menu: full stabilization (FULL), simple semistabilization
(SEMI), stepped stabilization (STEP). 
Built-in low battery indication and high temperature indication
The S-Tek™ driver used in Armytek Pro flashlights has a built-in indication of low voltage and high temperature.
Indication of battery voltage
You can easily check the current battery voltage (ex.: 3 blinks – pause – 6 blinks = 3.6 Volts).
Battery over-discharge protection circuit for unprotected batteries using
The voltage supply selection enables to apply cheaper batteries without protection board (PCB), for example LiFePO4 or Li-Ion.
Advanced electronic reverse polarity protection
Advanced electronic protection from incorrect battery installation, without reducing the efficiency of the driver.
Light output without flickering
Constant and smooth light output. No irritating flicker effects.
Unprotected Li-FePO4 battery support
Complete compatibility with LiFePO4 batteries, which can be fully charged in 10 minutes. In Armytek Predator Pro and Viking Pro flashlights LiFePO4 can be used safely for the batteries.