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Multi-flashlights. All-purpose lights for every task.

Application of multi-flashlights widens substantially the range of your opportunities. They guarantee a required light output and even illumination irrespective of task’s complexity. What is more, area of application of multi-flashlights is truly immense. Let us convince you that multi-flashlight is a marvelous help in various spheres of life:
Multi-flashlight Armytek

1. Reliable light is always with you due to original construction, a headband, a two-sided clip, a durable strap and a removable magnet – it is:
  • the safety warranty during night walks through the city;
  • necessary when walking the dog;
  • the best way to make yourself visible on a dark road;
  • essential to illuminate a dark entrance, stairs, a letter-box or a keyhole.
2. At home:
  • completely substitutes a candle during power cuts;
  • softly illuminates the room when caring for the child at night;
  • easy to fix on a power panel with a magnet;
  • free hands for repair and plumbing (illuminate perfectly through plastic pipes!) etc.
3. In the car:
  • excellent fixation with the magnet on the trunk for searching things, on the hood for engine examination or above the wheel for its replacing;
  • a headband is the second option for free hands.
  • The light is always at hand - near a cigarette lighter or in the glove compartment.
4. In the country and on a picnic:
  • free hands for gathering firewood, picking mushrooms and berries;
  • support in finding lost things, preparing for barbecue and so on.
5. Fishing:
  • free hands in the preparation of fishing tackle and bait;
  • dim light, which doesn’t frighten fish and lasts for several months;
  • extremely bright light for estimation of station area;
  • totally water-resistant even during crayfishing or searching objects fallen into the water.
6. Hiking and camping:
  • light-weight and reliable on the head, straps of the bag or a cap – continuous and confident illumination of the road;
  • bright light in the tent at night, in the boat, during mountain climbing, fire preparation, descending into the grottos and so on.
7. Hunting:
  • fixation on the head or straps of the bag, a cap or shoulder stripes, a lanyard or a pocket, a branch or a car;
  • powerful light helps to find a wounded bird / animal or cut the body, check the outfit or prepare for ambush.
8. Cycling:
  • this lightweight, compact and extremely bright flashlight is safely fixed on a helmet or a handle bar with the help of a simple mount;
  • TIR-optics provides very comfortable light for cycling in the dark, which perfectly illuminates short- and long-range objects;
  • due to smooth transition of spot into the darkness – there is no effect of «tunnel vision», which causes a headache.
9. Professional activity:
  • builders, electricians, automobile mechanics, frontier guards, military and federal officers, body guards and rescuers appreciate flashlights for their reliability, exceptional brightness at such small sizes, many hours and months of continuous light, 10 years no-hassle warranty.
10. Traveling:
  • when you go to foreign countries, you’ll always have a bright assistant at hand – don’t forget to put into your luggage;
  • confidence during walks through the night city or beach;
  • help in searching lost things or opening the door of the hotel room.

You will find out what determines success in any activity. You will learn about a really reliable multi-flashlight. More than ever before, light hasn’t been so multi-applicable.

What makes multi-flashlights so multi-purpose?

1. Two-way clip – reliable fixation of multi-flashlight in any place (a belt / clothes / a cap / a backpack / a pocket) and at any angle. You choose a required light direction yourself.

2. Additional O-rings. Multi-flashlight is totally protected from water penetration. You won’t have difficulties with tightening the flashlight’s head. O-rings lubricated with water-resistant grease provide total submersibility.

3. Magnet. You can easily illuminate the area under the hood, the bottom of the car or replace the wheel. Theflashlight is comfortably mounted on a metal surface with the help of a magnet and illuminates required area leaving your hands free.

4. Headband, which is easily and quickly fixed on the head. It doesn’t graze, strangle or cause discomfort. It’s very reliable and durable that is why there is no reason to worry that the headlamp will slip off at the most inappropriate moment.

5. Variable power sources. There are models with different options of power source at your disposal: modern high capacity Li-Ion 18650 batteries (Armytek Wizard) and wide-spread АА batteries (Armytek Tiara A1).

Any other flashlight can’t guarantee you such amazing functionality, firm reliability and trouble-free operation, which you need so much to be at your best day after day.

Tiara Tiara Tiara


What makes Armytek multi-flashlights so extra-reliable?

1. TIR-optics. It provides you with wide light for illuminating both close and distant objects. Furthermore, there is no effect of “tunnel vision” and this means that you get a soft light border, which doesn’t cause a headache.

2. Complete dust- and water-resistance. Multi-flashlight impeccably copes with dust, dirt and water penetration. Heavy rains, sudden drop into the water don’t influence flashlight’s operation.

3. Super durability. Multi-flashlight endures fallings on a hard surface from the height of 10 meters, strong vibrations, serious scratches, every possible shocks and temperature drops. You can feel safe in applying a multi-flashlight in various extreme situations.

4. LED tint affects not only contrast range and color perception of illuminated objects, but also distance range. Flashlight’s operation in varied weather conditions totally depends on color temperature. You can choose a version with warm or cool light – everything depends on your tasks and preferences:

  • White light – you get high outputs, bright enough even for dazzling. White light has marvelous contrast range and efficiency at long distances. Now you can illuminate object of dark colors (dirt / wet asphalt).

  • Warm light – is a serious advantage during illumination of objects in the conditions of fog and rain, dense smog and also in dirty water. Warm light provides better color perception and wonderful tints’ transmission. Various tasks connected with color recognition or continuous use of the flashlight are no longer a problem.

Do you still expect something like these from other flashlights? Don’t!
You will get usability and comfort that have previously been limited or inaccessible:
Compact design:
  • small weight and compact size – you practically don’t feel a multi-flashlight on the head or cloths;
  • total absence of discomfort during long-term application;
  • doesn’t hinder your work or create additional weight;
  • minimum of space in the pocket, a bag or a backpack;
  • easy and quick fixation on the head with the help of only one hand.

Special modes: Strobe and Firefly. In case of emergency you can blind the enemy or set signals, what can really save your life. Different brightness modes ensure adaptation to any conditions. You set the intensity and the duration of illumination by yourself according to your task and situation.

Various options of mounting: on head, arm, handle bar, frame, helmet, cap, shoulder strap of the bag, jacket, pocket, belt, hood, above the wheel.

Multi-flashlight will undoubtedly fascinate you. It will catch your imagination. It will delight you.



So now it’s a high time to know why Armytek multi-flashlights managed to gain such public apprehension. It is simple – a multi-flashlight combines 5 unique characteristics:

1. Canadian manufacturer.
2. Electronic components by the USA and Japan.
3. Indestructible construction – all components are made of robust materials in accordance with elaborations of American military.
4. Created in order to meet your specific requirements, specially for your needs and tasks.
5. 10 years no-hassle warranty.

These factors in combination give you exactly what you want to have …

Discover new opportunities of a multi-flashlight – discover new opportunities for yourself!